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Learn Afrikaans online

A new online tutoring website has been launched that aims to help users learn Afrikaans.

At the beginning of this month, a new website called come into being. This website is geared at helping South African’s and foreigners of any age learn Afrikaans in their own time and at their own pace and in accordance with the IEB and GDE syllabus’.

Sprung from the demand of South African learners under pressure, the site aims to provide an easy to use language learning system, that can be accessed at any time, freeing up individuals to to fulfill their other every day extra-mural educational commitments.

Apart from primary and high school students, travelers to South Africa, immigrants and professionals who may find value in leaning Afrikaans, can do so by choosing a basic or advanced level that best suits their learning abilities.

The system supports learning grades 2 through to 12 and are aligned with the IEB and GDE syllabus’. A module specifically designed for those seeking to adopt Afrikaans as a second language is also available.

Syllabus modules from as little as R300 per month are available.

For more information, Tel: +27 23 456 7890, Fax: +27 23 456 7890 or visit

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