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Learn a new language in a flash

SPB Software, a maker of mobile applications, has announced the release of SPB Flash Cards for Android – a learning software tool created to help language students expand their vocabulary quickly and easily.

The application, enhanced by smart phone technologies including photos, algorithms and detailed statistics, is supplementing existing teaching methods to create more flexible learning for language students.

Flash Cards, available for purchase from the Android Market, provide great assistance to those learning a new language. They offer a different and more varied way to learn, through the use of mental agility exercises and images. Available on all touch-screen phones running Google Android and OS version 1.5, the application provides over 1000 cards in 15 languages including Czech, German, English, French and Chinese, all dubbed by native speakers.

“The cards are going a long way in eliminating the reliance on direct word-to-word translation,”” explained SPB Software CEO, Sebastian Schmidt. “”Rarely does taking a word, translating it into the mother tongue and substituting it with the foreign equivalent, produce the best results.””

With expanding working hours and larger families, people no longer have the time to sit in classrooms or in front of the computer. In this sense, the mobile has given people the flexibility to learn how they want and when they want.

“”Learning is a very individual process which people tackle in different ways,”” Sebastian added. “”SPB Flashcards for Android lets the learner take a step back from the ‘one size fits all’ approach and explore techniques that work for them.””

SPB Flash Cards Main Features:

5 different learning modes

15 languages to learn

1000+ words in every language

65 sections, such as Food, Transport and Clothes

Create your own cards on SPB website

SPB Flash Cards is available in 14 different versions:

SPB Czech Cards

SPB Dutch Cards

SPB English Cards

SPB Finnish Cards

SPB French Cards

SPB German Cards

SPB Italian Cards

SPB Japanese Cards

SPB Korean Cards

SPB Polish Cards

SPB Portuguese Cards

SPB Russian Cards

SPB Simplified Chinese Cards

SPB Spanish Cards

SPB Swedish Cards

SPB Flash Cards is available for touch screen phones running Google Android OS version 1.5 and above. Each version may be purchased for $4.95 from the Android Market.

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