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Kitchen goes mobile

Goodyz, in partnership with BuzzCity’s Now-Cook, has launched a free mobile recipe and cookery site. The site allows users to download their favourite recipes on their cellphone while cooking and is also handy while shopping for the ingredients needed.

Goodyz, in partnership with BuzzCity’s Now-Cook, has launched a free mobile recipe and cookery site aimed at busy digital warriors, who can now ‚whip up a storm in the kitchen‚ from top recipes – anywhere, any time, with just their mobile phone.

Justin Lavers, Huge Media’s marketing manager, explains: ‚With Goodyz, we are continually looking for ways to add value to our users’ mobile phone experience, at little or no cost to them. Our users are increasingly using our free content application, Goodyz, as a source of entertainment and reference, and this adds a unique niche to our offering.

Lavers continues: ‚Having all your recipes instantly at hand, portable and anywhere, while a seemingly mundane feature, is actually incredibly useful. For example, how often have people been to the shops to get ingredients, and forgotten to write down or take the recipe with … but with Goodyz Kitchen, the ingredient lists are all there in your hand on your phone, any time you want. And without any effort, or the waste of a sheet of paper. Mobile phones are also easier to use in the kitchen, as they take up very little space, and are so less likely to be damaged by stray ingredients than a page or book is‚

Goodyz Kitchen also features a daily Recipe of the Day, and allows users to search the recipe store by recipe name, by recipe author, and by ingredient(s) ‚ very useful if you want to know what you can make with the ingredients you have on hand!

BuzzCity’s CEO, Dr KF Lai commented: ‚We are very pleased with this new partnership and we hope this will provide mobile users in South Africa a unique mobile browsing experience by offering a vast selection of recipes from leading international media brands.‚

Goodyz Kitchen is available to all Goodyz users through a one-click hot-link embedded in the Goodyz application, and can also be accessed by non-Goodyz users directly from the home page of the mobile web site.

Goodyz is a smartphone application that works on the Symbian (Nokia, Samsung, LG and Sony) and Blackberry operating systems. It displays customized, funky and engaging content and ads to users, and rewards users for seeing ads with free services and content items ‚ including wallpapers, music, games and ringtones.

Goodyz also allows users to comment on and interact with the content, and over time builds a close understanding of what the user wants ‚ which then enables Goodyz to deliver an even better experience to the user.

The Goodyz Kitchen can be accessed directly from the site – where users with compatible phones can also download and install the full Goodyz application free of charge.

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