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Kit out your Samsung Galaxy S II



Samsung has announced a line of accessories for its Galaxy S II smartphone in order to help you get the most out of your device. Among others, the new accessories include docking stations, power packs and protective cases.

Today, not only is your smartphone an essential communication and mobility tool, but to ensure that you get the very best out of your device, the accessories that accompany it are just as important to ensure longevity of your device and to make your communications ever more effective. In light of this, Samsung have announced their range of accessories for the Galaxy S II ‚ to align your smartphone to your every need, whether in or outdoors.

Keep it grounded

Desktop Dock ‚ Simply insert your Samsung Galaxy S II into the dock, single-handedly, and it will automatically switch your device into Media Mode where you can access your music, photos or even your alarm with one press on the smartphones Super AMOLED plus screen. What’s even more is that this can be done in either portrait or landscape mode, accompanied by built in speakers and a 3.5mm audio lineout. This is a must have accessory for the desk at work or alternatively the bedside table at home.

Vehicle Dock ‚ Trying to avoid those ‚speaking on your phone‚ fines? Well then the vehicle dock is the perfect accessory. This dock can be mounted on the windscreen or dashboard and includes a one-hand docking capability, audio line out and robust suction holder – allowing you to enjoy hands-free control of your vehicle while not missing out on those all important calls.

You’ve got the power

Power pack ‚ If you are you on your phone all day and find yourself needing additional battery power then you need the Samsung Galaxy S II power pack. With a built-in rechargeable battery delivering up to 7.66 hours talk time (2G) and 4 hours (3G) you will certainly not find yourself wanting more power. Additionally, it has a hard case and easy grip ensuring the protection of your device at all times.

Battery charger stand ‚ simple and easy but oh so effective! The battery charger stand ensures that you can charge your additional battery fully and doubles as a stand for your Galaxy S II!

Keep it protected

So having a snazzy phone is all good and well, but how about protecting it… The Samsung Galaxy S II leather pouch does just this, protecting your smartphone while allowing easy access to your phone. Furthermore, just in case, Samsung have included a screen cleaning cloth for those small dust particles that may creep in. The pouch is made from leather with a luna lining and comes in black and camel.

Stay connected

Where connectivity is at the forefront of consumer demands, Samsung are ready! Samsung offer a USB connector, enabling you to connect a USB flash drive to your Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone. Through this there is no excuse to expand your media content on the go and share content from your smartphone.

And if this is not enough, then you can always go for the Samsung Galaxy S II HDTV adapter. With a micro USB phone and travel adapter as well as an HDMI A type connection, ensuring you are able to filter HD content from your smartphone to your television. The value of content on multiple devices ‚ priceless.

With this myriad of accessories you can now not only stay connected and have constant access to your smartphone contents, but also become a stylish, techie trendsetter. So go on… get your Galaxy S II accessories today!

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