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Kinect 2: Much to love



When Microsoft launched the original Kinect, huge promises were made, but few of them were realised. It seems like Microsoft has learned its lesson though and is pulling out all the stops with the Kinect 2, writes GAVIN MANNION.

When Microsoft revealed the original Kinect we were treated to a PR stunt of epic proportions with Cirque De Soleil, huge promises were made and very very few of them were ever realised with the Kinect now being relegated to fitness games and kids party games.

That being said the kids party games are a lot of fun and the Kinect maybe gets a little too much hate from the core gamer but Microsoft can only blame themselves for that.

However it looks like Microsoft has learned a lot from that debacle and with the Kinect 2 they have thrown out all the fanfare and over the top PR parties and are rather showcasing the actual features live to journalists.

And it is amazing, it really is. Kinect 2 can track up to 6 individual people and has the following list of amazing features:

1. It can detect your heartbeat

2. It can see you even if your lights are turned off

3. It detects which part of your body is currently carrying load.. in real time

4. Obviously quick facial recognition

5. Can pick up individual fingers

6. Facial movements

7. It noticed when you change controllers with another player,

8. Far superior voice detection

9. Full 1 080p video capture

10. and more

As much as we’ve given the Xbox One a severe hiding over their dreadful E3 showing you can’t help but be impressed at some of the technology that they are packing into the device.

Watch this video and tell me that you aren’t impressed‚Ķ at least a little bit.

* Article courtesy of Follow Gavin on Twitter on @Lazygamer