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Kindle arrives in SA



Incredible Connection is the first officially approved retail chain in South Africa to make Amazon Kindle e-reader devices available to consumers.
Through an exclusive deal with Amazon, Incredible Connection is able tonoffer both the Kindle Keyboard 6” 3G and Wi-Fi device, providing 3Gnconnectivity for life in areas that are supported, and the Keyboardless 6”nWi-Fi device.

Incredible Connection also provides support for readers of Kindlene-books, with in-store technicians trained to set up customers’ Amazon accountsn- making the experience of buying and using a Kindle product seamless.

Incredible Connection CEO, Dave Miller, says that offering South Africannconsumers access to Amazon Kindle is part of Incredible Connection’s ongoingnfocus on providing an end-to-end technology solution to its customers.

“Obviously, we want to give our customers the kind of product accessnthat they would get anywhere else in the world. Kindle is a massive seller,nglobally. Amazon reported earlier this year that their sales of e-books throughnKindle had exceeded their sales of both soft and hard cover printed books.

“And, analyst predictions that Kindle would fade away once the iPad camento market have been proven wrong because the two devices serve very differentnmarkets. Kindle is much cheaper, isn’t a computer, and focuses purely onnmimicking the way a book is read. So, sales have rocketed all over the world.

“Accordingly, we felt that those of our customers who are avid e-booknreaders deserved access to a device that supports their lifestyle choices.

“At the same time, our strategy is tightly focused on ensuring that wenprovide lifecycle support for whatever technology our customers buy. Our marketnresearch shows that customers are less interested in specific products than innthe way technology can help them achieve the lifestyle they’re aiming for.

“So, our sales staff are trained to help customers choose the productsnthat will best do that for them, giving them peace of mind about theirnpurchases. And we have in-store technical boffins as well as the Incredibles onnSite teams to help customer get the best out of their products. As a naturalnextension of that, we’ve had our in-store technicians and selected salesnspecialists trained to set up Amazon Kindle accounts free of charge for Kindlenbuyers, so that the customer walks out of our stores ready to download whatevernthey want from Amazon.

“In other words, our Amazon Kindle deal demonstrates not only that wenunderstand what the market wants and have the commercial muscle to provide it,nbut also that our interest in customers doesn’t stop when they leave a store.nWe aim to be our customers’ technology partner at every point in the evolutionnof their technology needs.”

The Kindle Keyboard device sells at R2 499.95 and the Keyboardless onenat R1 499.95. A range of covers, including a leather one with a reading light,nare also available. And every store offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

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