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Kimberley goes broadband

Today Kimberly became the first city in the Northern Cape to benefit from Cell’s broadband services. As part of the rollout, Cell C will provide Tshireleco Secondary School with 5 routers and 5 speed sticks with 60GB SIMS.

Kimberley will be the first city in the Northern Cape to benefit from Cell C’s broadband services, with the launch of the company’s network in the city today.

According to recent research, over 700 schools in the Northern Cape don’t have access to affordable Internet, many of them in Kimberley itself.

As part of our rollout in Kimberley Cell C will provide broadband connectivity to one of the local schools, Tshireleco Secondary School. The school will receive 5 routers and 5 speed sticks with 60GB Sims.

‚Cell C remains committed to bring affordable Internet access to the people of South Africa. This is one step towards the Department of Communications’ plan to ensure 100% of South Africans have access to the Internet by 2020,‚ says Mothibi Ramusi Cell C’s Executive Head of Regulatory Affairs.

While Kimberley is the focus of the launch, thanks to the deeper coverage of Cell C’s H+900 network, some of the surrounding towns will also have access to the coverage.

‚We have committed not only to connect educational and healthcare institutions, but to also have a follow through support programme aimed at developing SMME in the area, which will form part of our job creation initiative,‚ says Ramusi.

Cell C was the first operator in South Africa to utilize both the 900 MHz and 2100 MHz frequency bands. HSPA+ 900 delivers wider coverage, higher speeds at the cell edge and deeper indoor coverage, HSPA+ 2100 will increase capacity where needed.


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