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Kenya Twitter dictionary out



Nendo, an African social media consultancy agency has published The A-Z of Kenyan Twitter, which will serve as a guide for local, regional and global businesses and brands looking to connect with Kenyans online.

African social media strategy and digital storytelling consultancy Nendo has published The A-to-Z of Kenyan Twitter (http://AtoZTwitter.nendo.coke). The digital publication, website and campaign presents 26 of the most important trends, insights and terms from the over 1.5 million Kenyans on social network Twitter).

Mark Kaigwa, author and founder of Nendo, highlighted the growth of social media awareness in Kenya.

Estimates show approximately 700,000 Kenyans on Twitter are active each month out of a possible 2 million users in the country. The A-to-Z of Kenyan Twitter celebrates the culture, quirks and characters behind the millions of updates that are shared with the world,” Kaigwa said.

Nendo Ventures created The A-to-Z of African Twitter to meet a global market need for local context and understanding of African digital society and culture. The publication will serve as a much-needed guide for local, regional and global businesses and brands seeking to connect with Kenyans online. “Whether government, business or society it is paramount to engage online Kenyan communities from a point of understanding if one wishes to create and derive value,” Mark Kaigwa affirmed.

The A-to-Z of Kenyan Twitter is presented using the 26 letters of the alphabet, each with an accompanying explanation, visual, video and supporting digital material. The publication features Kenyan terminologies, brands and personalities. Notable inclusions present events, television shows, politicians, musicians, athletes and socialites among other featured letters of the alphabet.

“Kenyans on Twitter have long distinguished themselves globally as a community who demonstrate the potential for social media to take topics, trends and stories global. Nendo has taken this indomitable spirit and distilled it to a publication we hope can reflect the culture in Kenya and soon in other African countries,” added author Mark Kaigwa.

Launched online from Nairobi using the hashtag #AtoZofKOT, the publication is presented in spectacular social media form featuring an array of social networks, each highlighting aspects of The A-to-Z of Kenyan Twitter’s in different forms including video, audio, photographs, an animated photo (.gif) and more. Testament to Nendo’s mantra of strategy and storytelling.

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