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K53 app free on BlackBerry

Following the September launch of its EasyK53 app, mobile content and applications provider LuckyMobile announced today that the driving licence app is now free to all BlackBerry users from the Vodacom App Store.

EasyK53 is an interactive mobile application designed to help prospective motorists triumph over South Africa’s notoriously tricky driver’s licence test. The K53 test itself is designed to measure the learner driver’s ability to handle a vehicle, obey traffic rules and cope with practical problems on the road. However, it is highly complex and statistics suggest that many people fail the first time round.

Says Laurence Seberini, Managing Director of LuckyMobile, ‚Our application allows learner drivers to identify their particular weaknesses in real time using their mobile handsets.

This is because the app presents the learner with those questions that were answered incorrectly during the simulated test, providing a useful revision exercise.

‚The app is split into two main segments – a practice mode with real time feedback to identify problem areas and a test mode. The latter allows users to take a realistic simulated test. A detailed breakdown of the test results enables the learner to identify which parts of the syllabus require additional work and practice.‚

To download the app, visit, iTunes or the Vodacom App Store at to obtain this personal and interactive mobile solution.

The Easy K53 app runs on the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (iOS 4.0 and above), as well as Android devices. The Apple version costs $3.99 (approximately R30). This is around half the cost of the various book versions that are available on the market. Android, and now BlackBerry users, can download it free for a limited period.


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