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Joburg gets more ‘fibrehoods’

Saxonwold and Parkwood are the latest neighbourhoods in Johannesburg to become “fibrehoods.” Fibre installation is expected to begin in the third quarter of this year, with homes scheduled to be connected to the Internet by September.

Saxonwold and Parkwood are next in line to become Vuma ‚Äòfibrehoods’. The Saxonwold and Parkwood Residents Association (SAPRA) has endorsed Vumatel as the supplier to install a Fibre-To-The-Home network in the area. Infrastructure work will commence in the third quarter of the year, with the first homes and businesses scheduled to be connected by September this year.

The two suburbs join Parkhurst, Greenside, Parktown North, Killarney and Riviera in being among some of the first households to be connected to a fibre network. VUMA pioneered FTTH rollout when it was endorsed by the residents of Parkhurst in July last year.

20Mbps connection added to service offering:

To ensure that residents enjoy both true high-speed internet and freedom of choice, the Vumatel roll-out is based on an open access system. The company provides fibre connectivity to the home, with a variety of internet service providers supplying access to the internet.

To this end, Vumatel is pleased to announce the addition of a 20Mbps connection to its services. While costs vary depending on which ISP is selected on the Vuma Portal, a 20Mbps fibre connection on the open access network is quite comparable in cost to a 4Mbps connection and ISP connection on the existing ADSL copper cable network.

SAPRA concluded the review and negotiations on the Fibre Optic Project with the resultant endorsement of VUMATEL as the preferred supplier.

There has been much acclaim by the residents of the Parkhurst area and with the benefits that fibre affords residents, we look forward to becoming a fully-fledged ‚ÄòVUMA fibrehood’ in the coming months,” says SAPRA Committee Member Bill Haslam.

Greenside and Parktown North live

The first homes in both Greenside and Parktown North were connected by the end of April 2015 and join Parkhurst on the Vumatel fibre network six weeks after construction in these suburbs began.

The world is becoming ever more connected from a digital perspective. We speak of the internet of things, always on connectivity, video on demand and music streaming to name a few. A stable high-speed broadband connection has become a sought after consideration for thousands, if not hundreds of thousands South Africans,” says CEO of Vumatel Neil Schoeman. “We live in exciting tech driven times and fibre connectivity is changing the way many people and businesses go about their daily lives. We look forward to continuing our fibre roll-out to many more suburbs in the future.

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