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Jarre turns up the volume at IFA

At this year’s IFA International conference currently being held in Berlin, Jean-Michel Jarre unveiled the AeroDream One, a music system that he claims is the largest hi-fi in the world.

What kicks out 10,000W, is 3.5-metres tall and costs e400,000?

Visitors to hall 2.1 at midday Friday will know it is the electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre’s latest, greatest speaker system ‚Äî the AeroDream One.

Jarre unveiled what he claims is the ‚the largest hi-fi system in the world‚ with ademonstration of its awesome power. First up was one of his own compositions, Oxygene 2, followed by the

soaring voice of Whitney Houston, which effortlessly downed out the cacophony of sound and music in the huge IFA hall.

The AeroDream is the ultimate evolution of Technologies Jarre’s range of high-performance home entertainment products, which debuted at last year’s IFA with the AeroSystem One.

The iPhone- and iPod-compatible HD multidirectional sound tower has now been joined by the chic, sleek AeroPad One and AeroPad Two iPod, iPad and iPhone dock speakers.

For Jarre, however, the AeroDream’s significance is about more than making a big noise ‚Äî albeit a lush, crystal clear and beautifully balanced one. ‚In recent years, we have lost that emotional link with sound,‚ he said, speaking exclusively to IFA International before the AeroDream launch. ‚We are paying less attention to the way we listen to music. I think it’s time to restore that emotional link while creating the ideal hi-fi system for the 21st century.‚

* This article is reproduced in Gadget courtesy of IFA International, Official daily news source for international visitors at IFA

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