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3D and beyond at IFA

LG’s campaign at IFA is all about delivering consumer benefits, including reducing costs across its range of 3D devices, writes RICHARD BARNES from IFA in Berlin. Home Entertainment President & CEO Havis Kwon says that to create customer satisfaction, LG needs to provide more than just 3D.

Simply put, at IFA, LG presents smart answers to the question: ‚How smart is your 3D?‚ With home entertainment changing so fast, we want to show customers that they can reap all the benefits of the latest LG Cinema 3D Smart TVs in a comfortable and simple way.

LG Group experienced some major restructuring, in particular in the HE division over the past year. What have these changes meant for your business?

We have looked to maintain the innovation and efficiency on which LG has built its success, and complement it with a renewed focus on speed and excellence in engineering. Despite extremely difficult market conditions, our most recent quarterly figures show a clear upturn in sales, proof that we’re on the right track.

The TV market has experienced a tough time this year. How are you coping with this, and how do you see the market progressing?

Thanks to a strong product line-up and heavy R&D investment in our premium ranges, we expect our profits and market share to continue growing in the latter half of the year. As overall demand picks up again in the next two or three years, the growing share for 3D TVs presents a real opportunity for us, because 3D is becoming such an important part of our home entertainment portfolio.

What will be the driving factor s in the home entertainment market in the coming year?

We think that with the reduction in cost of 3D TVs and glasses, along with a general improvement in global economic conditions, the adoption of 3D TVs will increase significantly. Smart TV functions are also going to get much more entrenched this year. This will fulfil the needs of consumers for greater choice and convenience, while making the TV even better for providing entertainment for the whole family.

How would you say LG is differentiating itself in the market today?

Consumers are always looking for greater comfort, convenience and ease-ofuse at lower prices, and LG’s Cinema 3D Smart TVs answer all those needs. Our smart functions offer great choice and exceptional simplicity, while our Cinema 3D TV delivers high quality at competitive prices.

What’ s your main motivation for participating in IFA?

How we do in Europe and how our products are received here has an enormous bearing on our global success as well as our overall strategy. So IFA is our time to show Europe and the world how advanced and comprehensive LG’s range of 3D products really is. One of the main zones in our 3D World booth is called DO IT ALL IN 3D, where consumers can see how LG’s 3D Total Solution works on our TVs, home cinema systems, PC monitors, projectors, notebook PCs and smartphones.

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