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I’ve learnt my lesson – ‘selfie driver’



Nicci Redelinghuys has issued an apology after sparking an outrage on social networks for posting selfies while allegedly driving at speed on the N3, writes JEFF WICKS of News24.

Student Nicci Redelinghuys, who purportedly took a series of selfies while driving, says she has learnt her lesson.

She denied on Thursday that she ever took pictures while driving and that it was just an “innocent private joke” gone awry.

Redelinghuys purportedly posted “selfie” pictures of herself driving in various poses, which raised the ire of road safety and community activism groups when they went viral.

The caption on the offending picture reads: “So yesterday I was driving on the N3 trying to take a selfie. lol. I kept looking at the camera and forgetting to watch the road! But I guess I finally got it kind of right! I still look scared as s***.

Her father told News24 on Thursday that she had been grounded after he confiscated her phones and car, and shut down her social media accounts.

But Redelinghuys issued a statement from her Facebook account, in which she responded to the “social media rage”.

I have decided to formally respond to the media rage about what I posted on Facebook.

“I believe that I have caused a big amount of damage and a lesson was learnt the hard way,” she said.

Today I would like to state my side to clear the air. I was not physically driving when I took the photo of myself. As most of you have noticed my photos were taken whilst stationary and I was not on the N3.

I know my actions were wrong and as a 20-year-old I did not know how to respond to the social media outrage than to put my defences up. I apologise if I have done any harm. My intention was not to come across as an irresponsible girl and it was just a[n] innocent private joke with my friends,” she said.

She had a word of warning to anyone who tried to emulate her social media faux pas.

“I take full responsibility for my actions and ask the public to please find it in themselves to forgive me. I also encourage people not to copy what I have done as I would not wish for anyone to have to deal with the social media rage and hurtful words that i have had to deal with today.

I would like to apologise to my father who has had to deal with this and get involved, you do so much for myself and the community and I feel I have let you down. This is my only statement I will not respond to questions or calls regarding this. Once again my apologies to South Africa and my family,” she said.



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