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iTunes and iPods revamped

Along with the new iPhone 4S launched in California on Tuesday, Apple also introduced a new range of iPods and added new features to iTunes.

At Apple’s iPhone 4S launch on Tuesday, CEO Tim Cook declared that iPods still remain an important business for Apple. It has sold more than 300 million iPods since the device was first launched 10 years ago ‚ giving the company over 70% market share in MP3 players. To put this in perspective, it took Sony 30 years to sell 220 000 Walkman cassette players.

The iPod has revolutionised the way we listen to our music, says Cook, and this largely has to do with iTunes.

The iTunes updates

The new iTunes features work hand in hand with Apple’s iCloud offering and allow users to perform the following tasks:

Bring on the new iPods

At the conference, Cook also announced new versions of the iPod Nano, which now feature a more compact design, multi-touch displays and software updates. The new iPods let you display bigger icons for the features you use the most and you can scroll between them using your fingers.

According to Cook, fitness is one of the main uses for the iPod Nano and so Apple has increased the fitness applications of the device. For example, the iPod Nano will track your walking and running straight out of the box. You then have the option of plugging the Nano into a computer and uploading that data to Nike+’s website for comparison with friends.

The new Nano also has 16 new clock faces. You can choose between a classic face with roman numerals, a retro-looking option, one that’s colour coordinated with your Nano, and even a Disney Mickey Mouse clock.

The Nanos are available immediately in seven colours, 8 GB for $129 and 16 GB for $149.

The new iPod Touch ‚ Apple’s best selling iPod ‚ will run iOS5 with iMessage, a messaging application that allows for free messaging with other iOS users. Apple claims you won’t even need a data plan, since iMessage operates over WiFi. Of course, that assumed you have WIFi to start!

The new Touch will be available in both black and white. Prices range from 8GB for $199, 32GB for $299, and 64GB for $399. It will be available in the USA on 12 October.


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