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It’s not sound ‚ it’s vibrating air

‚What we designed is not a loud speaker, what we designed is vibrating air.‚ These are the words of Phillipe Starck, the world renowned designer of the Zikmu Parrot, the newest range of wireless stereo speakers to be launched in South Africa.

Magnified by the smart and aerial design from Starck and the state-of-the-art technology and pure sound, the Zikmu take another dimension with this collection: the elegance of Black, the purity of White, the sobriety of Grey and the fancy of Yellow … Let your imagination run wild…

Zikmu represents a daring combination of design, acoustics and the power of digital and wireless technology. The result of this union is an object that is unusual and beautiful that delivers exceptional sound quality.

Parrot Zikmu by Starck offers a 360° immersive sound, a perfect and crystal clear sound image, thanks to the NXT technology and a very specific control of all electrodynamic elements via a system of DSP processing and amplifiers.

With Parrot Zikmu, you can listen to your music from today’s digital devices:

· iPod/iPhone via a dedicated docking station

· PC, with audio streaming via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

· Mac computers and Bluetooth mobile phones, with audio streaming via Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP)

· Furthermore, a RCA line-in enables Parrot Zikmu to be connected to TV screen for a Home Cinema sound effect.

‚With Zikmu, we created a beautiful and a unique object, for listening to music with today’s digital devices: iPod, iPhone, PC, Mac, television,‚ explains Henri Seydoux, founder of Parrot. ‚With Zikmu, we pursue the idea of a high-tech product which is part of everyday life, in the same way as a piece of furniture or a decorative object. You choose it because you like it, because you will live well with it.‚

Wireless stereo speakers Parrot Zikmu by Starck are available in South Africa from SMAC and can be found at limited iStores nationwide from September 2010.

For further information about Parrot Zikmu by Starck wireless speakers, visit

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