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It is time to move

SterKinekor Entertainment, official PlayStation brand distributor in South Africa has announced that the PlayStation Move motion controller for PlayStation3 (PS3) is now in stores in Europe and PAL territories.

Coupled together with the PlayStationEye camera, players can step into a new world where your every movement is captured in three dimensional space with incredible accuracy. It’s a brand new way to play and enjoy the games you love, alongside a whole host of new titles designed to get the party going.

PlayStation Move takes entertainment into a new dimension, offering a more immersive and more intuitive entertainment experience that gives you complete control over how you play. Whether you want to serve up an ace in a tennis match with your mates, cast a spell, grab a paint brush or take up your sniper’s position, the range of PlayStation Move titles arriving on shelves over the following weeks will offer something for everyone.

Mario dos Santos, SterKinekor Entertainment CEO, welcomed the arrival of PlayStation Move saying: ‚PlayStation has established itself as a brand that places innovation at the centre of its product development and ways for people to enjoy the PlayStation, beginning with EyeToy where your body became the controller, and continuing with the development of the Buzz! Buzzers and SingStar microphones. PlayStation Move is our most ambitious control system yet, delivering pinpoint accuracy that makes it perfect for enhancing the traditional game experience, yet accessible enough for families and fun seekers to enjoy.‚

Get your hands on a PlayStation Move motion controller and some of the great titles available today:

· Sports Champions R 399.00 RRP

Offering a fantastic medley of sports from table tennis to archery, Sports Champions demands that you show your competitive edge and your ability. Put the winning spin in your table tennis match with the flick of a wrist, perfect your slam shots in beach volleyball and aim for a bull’s-eye in archery with total precision ‚ whether you’re an amateur or a seasoned professional, the intuitive, realistic control of the PlayStation Move motion controller will keep you coming back for more. Champion Cup Mode lets you compete in the bronze, silver, and gold cups to unlock hundreds of prizes and become the ultimate sports champion. Or battle for the best scores in a series of fast and frantic challenges in Challenge Mode. Prepare to bury the competition in the ultimate sporting event.

· EyePet Move edition R 349.00 RRP

Cool, playful and bursting with fun and games, everyone’s favourite virtual pet just got even better with the PlayStation Move motion controller. Get closer to your cheeky, furry friend and discover even more things to do with a range of new tricks and new toys, and an intuitive and easy to use control system. Use the PlayStation Move motion controller to draw toys directly onto the screen and watch them come to life as your EyePet interacts with them. Just like a real pet, he’s cheeky and fun and he wants to be you and your family’s new best friend. Every day is a new adventure with EyePet Move edition.

· Kung Fu Rider R 399.00 RRP

Grab your office chair and take, cartoon-style, to the mean downhill streets as you embark on a frantic race to escape the Yakuza. Use the motion controller to navigate, hopping over cars, dodging obstacles and picking up money along the way to gain points. This weird and wacky title is as addictive as it is fun and will have you, literally, on edge of your seat!

· Start the Party! R 399.00 RRP

Spear frantic fish, rescue birds from falling out of their nest or hunt for ghosts in your very own home as augmented reality transforms the PlayStation Move motion controller into everything from a helicopter to a flashlight in Start the Party! Give your games a personal touch by using PlayStation Eye to capture your own voice and face and take on family and friends in more than 20 fun mini-games and challenges that are sure to keep everyone entertained.

The PlayStation Move motion controller will be available for R 449.00 RRP, with the PlayStation Move navigation controller at R 349.00 RRP. The starter pack, which comprises a PlayStation Move motion controller, PlayStation Eye camera and a Starter disc including demos of the titles Sports Champions, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, Start the Party! and more, will be available for R 699.00 RRP.

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