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It is easy with Lula Mail

Businesses of all sizes need some sort of mobile messaging system. However, because many of these businesses are very small, they do not have an on-sight IT support team to maintain this solution, nor do they have the money to implement it. With this in mind, Nashua Mobile has announced its Lula Mail service for Microsoft Hosted Exchange and Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Businesses can now sign up for this solution for as little as R69 per month.

Independent telecommunications service provider, Nashua Mobile, has launched its Lula Mail service for Microsoft Hosted Exchange and Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server, offering consumers with personal business requirements and small to medium-sized businesses (SMB) an affordable hosted mobile messaging solution.

The solution complements Nashua Mobile’s range of products and services that are tailored to the needs of SMBs and consumers who are looking to use technology to improve their productivity and efficiency.

The Lula Mail service allows users to mobilise their businesses without needing to buy, install or manage server software or incur any deployment overheads and ongoing IT support costs.

This outsourced solution integrates seamlessly and gives users of Windows Mobile and BlackBerry smart phones and laptops easy and secure mobile access to corporate email, calendars, and other corporate data.

With a Lula mailbox for Microsoft Hosted Exchange, users of Windows Mobile handsets from vendors such as HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson or computers will be able to access email, calendar, contact and tasks. For a small business owner or consumer that needs managed mail made easy, this is a perfect solution.

With Lula Mail for Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server, users will have all the functionality of BlackBerry Enterprise Service, without the hassle of buying the infrastructure and allows businesses of all sizes to maintain multiple channels of communication with their customers, increasing the immediacy of their responses. Employees will be able to work smarter, make time away from their desk more productive, and get out of the office without being cut off from the applications and people they need to interact with to do their jobs effectively.

Says Tim Walter, general manager for product and marketing at Nashua Mobile: “Lula means ‘easy’ in Zulu, and this hosted solution lives up to its name. It offers SMBs of all sizes or even individual consumers the full benefit of the enterprise-class mobility, but its packaged as a highly affordable service that is priced per-user, per-month. This model turns mobile email into a predictable operating expense and makes enterprise-class mobile email affordable – even for businesses that don’t have large IT departments and infrastructure.””

For those customers who don’t want to register their own domain but still want the functionality of the Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server or Hosted Exchange service, Nashua Mobile has created Customers who want to register their own domain and have the mailboxes under their own domain name can do so. The normal domain registration process will apply. Pricing for a 1GB mailbox starts from as little as R69 per month.

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