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iStore in SA will deliver new iPhone ‘to your door’

iStore last night announced that it will offer online contract upgradesfor any new iPhone- and deliver it directly to customers’ doors. iStore offers include reduced monthly contract payments of up to R420 per month with Vodacom when trading in at an iStore, as well as free iCare Plus, an Extended 1-year warranty and screen replacement service valued at R1999. 

“We want to offer our customers the best iPhone experience possible with convenient ways to purchase, like online upgrades and having multiple network brands under one roof, affordability options through reduced monthly contracts and added value with free iCare Plus,” says Chris Dodd, iStore CEO.

iStore offers iPhone contracts online for new contracts and upgrades on both Vodacom and Telkom. Customers can upgrade from home by completing contract details online at

iStore also continues to provide new contracts and upgrades on Vodacom, MTN and Telkom in-store, regardless of where the contract was initiated.

iStore provided the following information on available options:

Reduced monthly cellular contract when trading in: iStore is offering a way for customers to pay less per month for their Vodacom and Telkom cellular contract when trading in and upgrading to any new iPhone in-store. This means that customers have the option to trade in their current iPhone (iPhone 7 through to iPhone Xs) by bringing it into an iStore for evaluation, selecting their preferred iPhone contract and then enjoying reduced monthly payments of up to R420 per month. 

Customers buying for cash can trade in their current iPhone for a best-in-market trade in value and get a direct discount in-store for their new iPhone cash purchase, or receive their trade in value as an iStore voucher. iStore offers up to R10 000 less for cash purchases when trading in an iPhone Xs Max 64GB.

Free Extended Warranty and screen replacement valued at R1999: Customers who upgrade to a new iPhone (iPhone 7 and above) at iStore will get free iCare Plus which includes a screen replacement and 1-year Extended Warranty (2 years in total) valued at R1999. For more information about iCare Plus, please visit:

For more information on iPhone contracts at iStore, please visit:

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