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ISP slashes business ADSL

Following RSAWEB’s recent ADSL line rental price-cuts, which offer consumers as much as 30% savings on the standard Telkom prices, the service provider has also slashed the prices of ADSL lines on its business-grade ADSL products.

Following their recent ADSL line rental price-cuts which offered consumers as much as 30% savings on the standard Telkom prices, local ISP RSAWEB has slashed the prices of ADSL lines on their business-grade ADSL products as well. The ADSL line prices currently offered on both their consumer and business ADSL products are the cheapest in South Africa.

Managing Director of RSAWEB Rob Gilmour explains the reason for further price-cuts: “The overwhelmingly positive response we’ve received from customers to our recent ADSL line price-cuts is a clear indication that this is what the market wants, and where the next battleground for customers could be. Offering this deal to business users was the next logical step.””

Commenting on the positive response from the market thus far, Gilmour noted: “”The majority of customers we’ve seen move across to us since we launched our cheaper line rentals are frustrated Telkom users who are looking for a better deal. There is also a large portion of the market that is unaware that you can have your ADSL line hosted with anyone other than Telkom.””

How the new prices stack up:



Annual Savings

Savings %
















* Telkom prices as of 17/10/2011 and include VAT.

‚In addition to slashing the line rental costs, we’ve also adjusted our data prices to be more competitive, and added extra features,‚ adds Gilmour.

RSAWEB’s Business DSL products offer a true business-grade service, with lower contention ratios, higher redundancy, network prioritization for business uses and business features like static IPs and soft-capping.

“”Consumers should also note that they are not stuck with their existing provider, and have the power of choice. Transferring your line to another ISP is a quick and easy process, and should not incur any penalties,‚ concludes Gilmour.

The full details of the new prices can viewed on

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