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IS fires up 50 fibre locations

Internet Solutions has announced that 50 sites across Gauteng will benefit from fast broadband as part of its planned roll out of fibre to selected sites by the end of this year.

In addition, Internet Solutions is conducting commercial trials in Cape Town and Durban with the aim of bringing more business parks and retail outlets online by mid 2015.

The infrastructure has been installed by Internet Solutions and will give around 50 Gauteng business park and retail sites access to fibre based broadband delivering speeds up to 100Mbps, and affordable leased line services of 100Mbps and 1Gbps.

Access to this super fast broadband will enable residents in the business parks and retail malls to benefit from the fibre roll out. Broadband access will mean they can operate much more efficiently as a business. And at long last these businesses will have fast and reliable internet that doesn’t cost the earth and which was once the preserve of large enterprises.

Historically, one of the issues with fibre installations in South Africa has been the high setup costs associated with deploying fibre services “, said Greg Montjoie, Executive, Carrier and Connectivity, Internet Solutions. “As part of our mission to ensure that everyone has access to affordable internet, we have capped our set-up fee at R999.

This set up fee cap eliminates the price barrier to entry which has seen many businesses believe that fibre connectivity was unrealistic. The company is also promising that the average installation time within the covered areas be between 2-4 weeks.

Internet Solutions is offering clients to try and buy on a month by month basis, with long term contracts not required –

We are passionate about providing superfast broadband across the country and we have found that a large number of business parks and retail malls are desperate to be able to offer their tenants and visitors with the highest quality of service,” said Montjoie.

There is a universal demand by businesses for faster internet, and this roll out of fibre to more than 50 sites by the end of 2014 will no doubt boost the ability of businesses but also encourage those struggling with poor internet to reflect on their current working conditions.

Bandwidth demand from businesses is soaring and with internet traffic expected to triple by 2016, the need for superfast speeds has never been greater. The Broadband we are offering is called The Essentials Package and speeds from 2Mbps to 100Mbps are available, with prices starting at just R749 per month for the 2Mbps services to R8 799 for a 100Mbps service,” said Montjoie.

The locations benefitting from the super fast broadband for the initial trial include:

Kent/Oak Avenue, Randburg, Gauteng

Peter Place, Bryanston, Gauteng

Weirda Road, Sandton, Gauteng

East Rand Mall, Gauteng

Westlake Office Park, Cape Town

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