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Indulge your inner fashionista

Do you have a great sense of style? Think you can outdo the big catwalk names? If so, you could become the most popular fashion avatar in mig33’s new free game, Fashion Show.

Fashion Show is a new, interactive mobile and internet based social game that allows a user to create a fashion avatar. It’s a perpetual, global popularity contest in which you decorate your own avatar to garner others’ votes while casting your own votes for other avatars you see. Points and rewards are allocated to those receiving record numbers of votes over different time periods, such as weekly, and ‚all time’.

If you’ve always wanted to walk down the ramp, here is your opportunity to get a taste of the spotlight. Your own unique sense of fashion can be indulged in this easily accessible, fun game. mig33 facilitates Fashion Show for millions of users, whether via a mobile download or web access. Just login on to or and choose fashions and accessories to create what could become the most popular fashion icon in the virtual world.

Fashion Show adds to the number of existing fun games in mig33 ‚ including, migwars, Moonbase and Club Wars. ‚We are constantly working on developing more options for our users.‚ Continuous improvement and evolution of our existing applications allows us to deliver the best in mobile social entertainment services so that users can always enjoy new, fun and stimulating games,‚ says Mei Lin Ng, VP Marketing and co-founder of mig33.

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