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To cater to the needs of the small business market, Incredible Connection has entered into a partnership with GoNetReady to offer an affordable website-in-a-box development solution.

Beginning this month, Incredible Connection stores is stocking Websites Now from GoNetReady, a product that offers a professional, fully customised, web-ready and commerce-enabled website for a fraction of the cost of developing one from scratch.

‚In this day and age, no small business should be without a fully-functional web presence and ability to trade online,‚ says Dave Miller, Chief Executive of Incredible Connection. ‚We believe that Websites Now offers a high-end, functional solution at an affordable price that will ensure that our small business customers have a web presence to those of rival industry leaders.‚

Commoditised websites

The Websites Now Solution was born out of GoNetReady’s years of enterprise-level web development for big business. Having these enterprise web servers in place, they realised they had the opportunity to commoditise their solutions and provide the same functionality to small business at reasonable prices.

They went to work to develop a front-end solution that made sense for the small business market. ‚The one thing that we knew was that small businesses want to be able to do updates and make changes themselves, rather than being tied into a relationship with a web developer,‚ says Richard Sletcher, founder and CIO of GoNetReady. ‚But then we realised that although they want that ability, they would still prefer it if someone else did it for them.‚

Out of this realisation, the unique Websites Now concept was developed. It offers a website-in-a-box that gives instant access to a fully fledged-powerful website. The website comes standard with 15 designs, and users can buy a new skin from GNR’s library of over 2000 designs for $9.95, or even commission a unique design.

The website also comes with over 25 useful applications preloaded ‚ including a Shop, Social Media Bookmarks, Image Gallery and Events Calendar. GoNetReady also has a range of premium applications that fit different market verticals like publishing, auctioning, estate agents or recruitment placement. Users have full administration rights to their site and can easily customise it completely in line with their requirements.

As part of both the pre-configured versions, a library of over 40 videos and a 1 200-page manual are provided for those who really want to become ‚webmasters‚ .

Won’t break your budget

The Business version of Websites Now costs R799.95, with a monthly $58 hosting fee, while the Lite version retails at only R499.95 with a monthly $29 hosting fee. However, neither Incredible Connection nor GoNetReady wanted to leave customers on their own, and anyone purchasing the products will have access to Incredible Connection’s support team Incredibles On Site, who have now been trained to offer support or actual development for the product, for a fee*.

‚We wanted to give small businesses the opportunity to easily get their businesses online,‚ says Sletcher. ‚With GoNetReady Websites Now, once the site has been designed, which can easily be done in an afternoon, it only takes an hour to go live with it.‚

Incredible Connection is the first consumer electronics retailer in South Africa, and the first in the world, to be offering the Websites Now retail solution. ‚We aim to provide total technology solutions for all our customers, and we believe that Websites Now allows us to make good on this intention for our small business customers,‚ says Miller. ‚We’re very excited to be selling and supporting this useful, unique and intelligent new product.‚

*Call 0860 011 700 to find out about Incredibles On Site’s support rates.