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Incredible Connection gets iPhone app

Altech Technology Concepts has developed a smartphone app for Incredible Connection. The application allows customers to browse and buy products directly from their iPhone.

Incredible Connection is the first technology retailer in the country to launch a smartphone application that enables customers to browse products from their iPhone. The app was developed by Altech Technology Concepts (ATC), which provides communications services and solutions to businesses in sub-Saharan Africa.

‚The iPhone app gives Incredible Connection’s customers a shop in their pocket,‚ says Wayne de Nobrega, CEO at Altech Technology Concepts. ‚Whether you are waiting to go into a meeting, picking children up from school or sitting on your couch watching television, you can easily browse products based on categories and sub-categories ‚ such as hardware and monitors ‚ find what you want to buy, and from which store it’s available. It is super convenient for consumers looking to buy new technology.‚

The app gives users a snapshot, price and list of features for each product they click on. They can also tell a friend about the item. Stock is checked against the live stock database, so customers do not have to call or visit a branch to see if a certain product is available as they can immediately view where it can be purchased. All specials are listed, as are the addresses and telephone numbers of each branch.

‚User feedback has been positive,‚ says de Nobrega. ‚In one month we have had more than 1,600 people downloading the app onto their iPhones and 80% of their comments have been complimentary. Given the massive popularity of smartphones and mobile browsing in South Africa, it makes sense for any forward-thinking retailer to make this kind of convenience available for consumers.‚

ATC developed Incredible Connection’s online store and mobile site, and has also managed several pay-per-click campaigns for the retailer so the next step was to develop an application for smartphones.

John Beetge, general manager of services at Incredible Connection says, ‚From online catalogues to online stores, it was a logical next step for Incredible Connection to partner with ATC to develop a mobile app that could be downloaded easily and would allow customers to access store and product information on hand, as they would through our online store.‚

De Nobrega adds that ATC is in the process of rolling out the Incredible Connection app to the iPad.

‚It will also be made available on the Android platform within the next three months, giving Sony Ericsson, LG, Motorola, SamsungHTC and other Android phone users access to the same convenience,‚ concludes de Nobrega.

The iPhone app is free and can be downloaded directly from or from the South African iTunes store.

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