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iGrill Apron keeps out the elements

iDevices has announced its iGrill Apron and iGrill App V2. The iGrill works with any iPhone, iPod and iPad and allows its users to monitor their foods temperature wirelessly.

iDevices, a wireless grilling/cooking thermometer for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch via a long-range Bluetooth and App-enabled connection, announced the new ‚iGrill Apron‚ and iGrill App V2.

iGrill Apron Keeps Out the Elements

Designed exclusively for iGrill, the iGrill Apron is a silicone skin made especially for iGrill to keep it safe from heat, moisture, food and the elements for outdoor BBQ-ing and indoor cooking. With iGrill, your food is always perfectly cooked and now with the iGrill Apron (priced at $19.99)your iGrill is always clean, dry and protected!

Free iGrill App V2

Available free through the iTunes Store, the new iGrill App V2 perfects the core cooking functionality of the iGrill wireless cooking thermometer, improving the entire user experience. Available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, iGrill App V2 new features include new alarms, graphs, presets, timers, individual probes, and time remaining functions, including:

‚iDevices is thrilled to be releasing both the new iGrill Apron and new iGrill App as we ramp up for the summer grilling season,‚ said company CEO, Christopher Allen Sr. ‚By simultaneously addressing iGrill’s practicality and functionality, we are addressing the wants and desires of our customer. We are always listening for features that our customers want and then integrating them into the iGrill App. This latest update completely transforms the users experience and is just one of many to come over the next few months.‚

Available through Apple Stores, Frontgate, & iGrill Site

The iGrill Apron is available immediately priced at $19.99 from the iGrill site at: and the iGrill AppV2 is available for freethrough the Apple App store.


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