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IFA: LG, Google, bring smarts to the kitchen

LG, Google, and Innit have unveiled a joint solution for the Smart Kitchen that enables hands-free voice control, step-by-step guided cooking, and automated expert cook programs on premium signature kitchen suite ovens and ranges at this year’s IFA.

LG’s Smart Display is a powerful AI-enabled Smart Speaker with an 8-inch display for a richer interactive experience, ideally suited for the kitchen counter, allowing consumers to hear and see the help they need for a wide variety of tasks. Innit is featured as the first smart kitchen platform on the smart display, enabling rich guided cooking experiences with step-by-step videos, as well as automated orchestration of connected appliances, including Signature Kitchen Suite with SmartThinQ.

Signature Kitchen Suite appliances provide unparalleled precision, performance, and versatility. Innit helps consumers maximize these benefits by enabling automated expert cooking programs that are tailored to the unique properties of each meal, and to the advanced cooking features of each appliance. Simply ask the Smart Display to start cooking, and Innit sends a multi-step adaptive cooking program to the appliance while monitoring thousands of data points, ensuring optimal results every time.

“Signature Kitchen Suite helps home chefs achieve amazing results by staying true to food,” said Alice Ryu, Head of Smart Solution Business of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solutions Company. “When we respect the food at every level, we can create incredible experiences. Our joint solution with Google and Innit is wholly aligned with this approach.”

The demo at IFA 2018 shows how consumers can answer the everyday question of “What’s for dinner?” with personalized meal suggestions. Home chefs can access helpful how-to videos hands-free, making it easy and fun to cook new foods. Innit works with kitchen appliances, including the Signature Kitchen Suite ovens, to deliver cooking programs that are orchestrated and tailored to each meal. The results are perfectly timed to ensure all parts of the meal are ready at the same time, allowing customers to confidently leave the kitchen knowing the meal is in good hands.

“In the past, consumers may have had to open up six or seven apps to get the help they need cooking, including nutrition information, recipes, shopping lists, how-to videos, and remote control apps for various devices,” said Kevin Brown, CEO and co-founder of Innit. “With LG, Google, and Innit working together, consumers can enjoy a single elegant journey that gives them the confidence and assistance to create incredible meals every day.”

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