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Ice hockey club gets Android app



In what is probably the first of many such announcements, Malmö Redhawks has become the first Swedish ice hockey club to launch its own Android app. Unusually, it went Android before iPhone. If it only just occurred to you to become an ice hockey fan, find out here how to do it.

Malm√∂ Redhawks is the first of the clubs in the Swedish leagues ‚Allsvenskan‚ and ‚Elitserien‚ to launch its own Android app. This app has been developed by a team: Enea as the system supplier, OmegaPoint provided the news connection, and Attraction was responsible for the design.

The first version of the Malmö Redhawks app, which is available today on the Android Market, includes match information, the latest news and a player gallery. In a reverse of the usual rush to get to the iPhone, the app was developed first for Android. It will also be launched for iPhone early next year.

‚We are very pleased with the support we received from Enea when developing the Malm√∂ Redhawks app,‚ says Magnus Sallbring, CEO of Malm√∂ Redhawks. ‚Our aim is to build the very best ice hockey club in Europe, and to achieve this we need our fans to support us. Android and iPhone app is one way to make it easier for them to follow our team, and it also makes it easier for us to make information available to our supporters quickly and easily.‚

‚Our cooperation with Malm√∂ Redhawks is completely in line with our objective: to be the leading technology consultancy company in the √ñresund region,‚ says Thomas Montgomery, Business Unit Manager at Enea. ‚We have extensive expertise when it comes to developing apps for both Android and iPhone, but even more importantly we can act as a system supplier and offer complete solutions, also when other suppliers are contributing with their parts. One of Enea’s strengths is that we work not only with apps, but with all aspects of Android, which means that we have broad expertise and leading edge skills in fields such as security, performance and infrastructure.‚

The Enea Android Competence Center combines two of Enea’s core skills: advanced mobile platforms and Linux. Its services are aimed at clients wishing to integrate Android into their product or use apps in their marketing. Enea offers support covering the entire spectrum, from system and app development to training and seminars.

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