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iBurst carves new space ahead of SEACOM switch-on

On the eve of the SEACOM undersea cable going live, iBurst has announced it intends to become the leading broadband provider to Small Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMEs). The new cable will spark the birth of a new generation of specialised ISPs services, and iBurst has moved quickly to carve a new space for itself.

Telecommunications operator iBurst has extended its range of quality network-agnostic telecommunication solutions to small, medium and micro enterprises (SMEs) with the launch of iBurst Business.

On the eve of the SEACOM undersea cable going live, and a wide range of new players expected to offer specialized connectivity and networking services, iBurst has moved to position itself as more than just a consumer ISP.

‚Often described as the engine of the economy, SMEs are literally crying out for specialised customer service and the kind of attention to their needs that the larger players have so far been unable to provide,‚ said Jannie van Zyl, CEO of iBurst.

Van Zyl adds ‚iBurst is uniquely positioned to provide a one-stop telecoms solution to SMEs. At iBurst we like to think that we are small enough to care for the SME, but large enough to deliver carrier grade solutions‚ .

In a letter to iBurst employees last month, van Zyl revealed a new mantra for the business: ‚To become the dominant provider of broadband services in the Small to Medium Enterprise space‚ .

The new division provides fixed and wireless broadband internet access, dedicated wireless connectivity, mobile solutions and voice services.

Van Zyl emphasized that iBurst can easily claim one of the best networks in South Africa, a fact that iBurst needs to strongly capitalise on. ‚Who else can boast their own Wireless (iBurst), WiMAX, Microwave, Satellite and Fibre networks? In addition, having full access to HSDPA and ADSL connectivity options provides the most complete solution available to the SMME market today‚ .

iBurst Business is a new division of iBurst committed to closing the gap between individual and corporate telecommunication solutions by designing individualised products and services for smaller enterprises who value reliability, desire one point of contact and place a demand on cost-effective but flexible solutions.

According to van Zyl, ‚SMEs are constantly looking to technology to increase their efficiency and performance. iBurst’s new business solutions will ultimately enable SMMEs to be more productive while reducing the impact of telecoms on their bottom lines.‚

However, iBurst faces an uphill battle to convince users of Telkom ADSL that it can provide a better service. Research by World Wide Worx shows that ADSL is perceived by SMEs to be more reliable and effective than mobile broadband. While mobile broadband is widely used as a backup form of connectivity among SMEs, research shows that ADSL now dominates as SMEs primary form of connectivity, and is even eating into the headway made last year by mobile broadband.

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