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IBM extends global entrepreneur program to SA

IBM South Africa today confirmed that its Global Entrepreneur Program will for the first time be extended to next generation entrepreneurs in South Africa.

Start-ups that are privately held, have been in business for five years or less and are actively engaged in developing a software based product or service, as being called on, to sign-up for this global initiative.

‚”The Global Entrepreneur Programme is focused on helping early stage entrepreneurs to capture emerging business opportunities, especially in fast growing industries such as energy, utilities, healthcare and telecommunications,‚” says Clayton Booysen, ISV and Developer Relations Lead for IBM South Africa.

‚”We are looking to convert start-ups to speed-ups by providing coaching and connections to IBM clients and partners. We want to help these start-ups to get to market faster and at the same time, provide IBM clients with the hottest new technologies.‚”

South Africa is one of 10 additional markets, including Brazil, China, Mexico, Turkey, Spain and Germany, to join the Global Entrepreneur Program and will host SmartCamps in October 2012.

In addition to fostering technological advances, IBM’s Global Entrepreneur Program supplements the company’s Venture Capital Group, by encouraging important strategic relationships with VCs and the start-up community. Since its inception in 2000, IBM’s Venture Capital Group has worked to build strategic relationships with top-tier VC’s, focusing on growth markets and emerging technologies important to IBM and its clients.

Concludes Booysen: ‚”We have a deep commitment to the entrepreneurial community: one that we believe is being stepped up in South Africa and Africa, through our inclusion in this year’s initiative.‚”


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