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HP delivers unified BYOD deal

HP has announced new unified wired and wireless solutions that help to deliver a simple, scalable and secure network supporting bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives.

The new solutions and services, introduced at the HP Global Partner Conference, include the industry’s only complete solution that supports growing BYOD initiatives. This solution delivers unified wired and wireless management and switching platforms that create a single network for wired and wireless connectivity.

The offerings also enable partners to leverage the HP FlexNetwork architecture to better support their clients’ BYOD essentials with new device on-boarding and provisioning functionalities through a single management application and automated security with software-defined networks (SDN) technology, while being supported by mobility connectivity services.

By 2016, two-thirds of the workforce will own smartphones, and 40 percent of the workforce will be mobile. Yet, today’s legacy infrastructure requires two separate networks and management applications for wired and wireless connectivity, resulting in operational complexity. Additionally, these legacy infrastructures lack scalability to support multiple devices per user or the security to protect mission-critical information.

According to Gartner, every business needs a clearly articulated position on BYOD, and formal BYOD programs are a fast-growing phenomenon due to the booming, innovative mobile device market.

‚”Organisations are struggling to deploy BYOD solutions within a complex, legacy infrastructure that spans two separate networks and management applications,‚” said Keith Bothma, Country Manager, Networking, HP South Africa. ‚”HP’s complete unified BYOD solution is the first to solve this issue and‚Äîcombined with HP’s comprehensive training, programs and services‚Äîwill create new, profitable opportunities for partners.‚”

Simplifying BYOD management

In 2012, employee-owned devices accounted for more than two-thirds of devices accessing enterprise mobile applications. As a result, IDC predicts that IT will need to implement a holistic approach to addressing BYOD needs.

New HP BYOD solutions optimise end-user experiences for both wired and wireless employee-owned devices accessing the network, enabling clients to:

· Simplify operations and reduce costs by up to 38 percent by eliminating the need for up to 50 percent of traditional network access devices, including separate switches and controllers, while supporting up to 1,000 wireless devices with the HP 830 Unified/WLAN Switch.

¬∑ Deliver an always-on user experience by automatically eliminating network downtime with HP Wi-Fi Clear Connect software offered on HP’s WLAN products.

· Easily deploy comprehensive management through plug-and-play integrated BYOD functionality in the HP Intelligent Management Centre (IMC) Smart Connect.

Scaling the network to support BYOD for cloud environments

According to Gartner, cloud scalability for mobile applications will be essential as these applications have the largest number of concurrent users. Legacy infrastructures cannot offer the scalability needed to deliver unified access from the data centre to the branch network.

New HP BYOD solutions enable clients to double network scalability over legacy infrastructures to:

· Increase network performance by up to 100 percent, while speeding data transfer by up to 45 percent with the new OpenFlow-enabled HP 2920 Switch Series.

· Improve network availability and lower costs by up to 54 percent with the HP 10500/7500 Unified Wired-WLAN Module.

Securing the network for BYOD in campus and branch offices

As users continue to bring their own devices to work, they create greater exposure to external data and application vulnerabilities that require automated network security for device on-boarding.

New HP BYOD solutions mitigate risk to data and applications with:

· Automated, real-time threat detection delivered by the HP Sentinel Security SDN application.

· Secure device on-boarding with the HP IMC User Access Manager a single platform to identify users, apply policies and provide secure access to employee-owned devices, while monitoring network health.

HP partner services, promotions and programs drive new revenue opportunities

HP has developed a variety of services and programs to facilitate revenue opportunities generated by BYOD initiatives for channel partners. As a result, HP partners will have access to resources that enable them to:

· Speed new revenue opportunities by simplifying the customer network design and validation process to meet BYOD scalability, security and performance needs with HP FlexNetwork Design and Validation Services.

¬∑ Establish ongoing, strategic relationship with customers through HP’s Wireless LAN Lifecycle Services, which leverage proven best practices for local area networks (LANs) that achieve highly scalable network connectivity.

¬∑ Offer total solution financing from HP Financial Services of all hardware, software and services, structured to match customers’ intended usage provided.

· Expand IT skills and service offerings with a complete portfolio of network training and certification that builds on the foundation for BYOD and SDN through the HP ExpertOneprogram, offering tailored courses, access to remote labs, web-based learning, while leveraging a community of experts for ongoing support.

¬∑ Improve economics with the HP Networking ‚”Bring It On! We’re Ready for BYOD‚” promotion, providing distributors with an HP 2920 demo kit that includes switches, collaterals, training and incentives to generate awareness with resellers.


· HP 830 Unified/WLAN Switch will be available worldwide in May.

· HP Wi-Fi Clear Connect via MSM 6.0 will be available worldwide in May.

· HP IMC Smart Connect will be available worldwide this month.

· HP 2920 Switch Series will be available worldwide this month.

· HP 10500/7500 Unified Wired-WLAN Module will be available worldwide in May.

· HP Sentinel Security Application is currently available as an early access program to select customers.

· HP IMC User Access Manager will be available worldwide this month.

· HP FlexNetwork Design and Validation Services will be available in March and HP Wireless LAN Lifecycle Services is available now globally from HP and HP ServiceOne certified channel partners.

· HP BYOD solutions can be delivered by HP Technology Services as well as HP channel partners.


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