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HP business solutions get energy efficient

Today at the HP Global Influencer Summit, being held in Shanghai, China, a range of business solutions were announced, with energy efficiency, security and performance in mind.

HP today announced powerful business products packed with energy-efficiency, security and performance features designed to meet customer needs across variety of industries..

Among the products announced for businesses are:

The powerful HP t410 All-in-One (AiO) Smart Zero Client, featuring new and innovative one-wire Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology while still providing outstanding multimedia performance and a true PC-like experience.

The highly customisable, powerful HP RP7 all-in-one retail system which combines sleek and elegant design with performance you can trust for a variety of retail and hospitality settings, from specialty stores such as fashion and electronics, to department stores, hotels and restaurants.

The HP L6015tm and L6017tm Retail Touch Monitors with multitouch projected capacitive screens are perfect for retail and hospitality environments which require intuitive and familiar user interfaces. Meanwhile, the HP L6010 non-touch Retail Monitor is ideal for space-constrained environments and easily integrated with retail systems for use as a stylish customer or associate facing display.

New high-performance HP Z220 Workstations and HP EliteBook Mobile Workstations, packed with reliable and professional-class features for demanding professionals in video editing, mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD), architecture engineering construction (AEC), education, healthcare and government.

Lower power usage and enhanced performance

Designed for industries including education, healthcare and retail, the HP t410 AiO operates within 13 watts of power envelope over PoE delivering great energy efficiency for businesses. It combines a 47cm (18.5‚ ) display and high-performing smart zero client in one space-saving unit, making it the perfect solution for power and space-constrained environments such as schools and call centres. The HP t410 AiO requires no external power supply because it is powered via Ethernet connection. This offers customers a cleaner, more reliable power source and requires less cabling and set-up time.

The HP t410 AiO supports multiple protocols and can be reprogrammed on the fly. Auto-sensing technology automatically connects to the network and searches for a customer’s existing client virtualization environments, be it from Citrix, Microsoft or VMware. This allows companies with a mix of infrastructures to use the HP t410 AiO across any of these solutions.

The HP t410 AiO delivers a rich multimedia computing experience using an innovative system-on-chip design. It also features a powerful, energy-efficient ARM processor technology with an integrated Digital Signage Processor that gives the HP t410 AiO the capability to display full-screen high-definition (HD) video, complex graphical content and rich media, while still running at optimum performance levels.

Customizable features for diverse retail environments

The touch-enabled HP RP7 is a sleek powerhorse, giving retailers, from department stores, to fine-dining restaurants and hotels, a stylish all-in-one form factor in a compact footprint. Ideal for retail and hospitality environments which require a retail system to give them an edge over the competition, the HP RP7 has a stylish, elegant design and the flexibility to be used as an interactive signage or kiosk solution, yet has the substance to withstand demanding environmental conditions. Easily customised for any store setting the retail system is available with or without a stand, and can even be integrated into the Point of Sale desk for a sleek and polished look. The HP RP7 is also available with versatile industry standard VESA mounts and configurations which support wall or tabletop mounting so you can position the retail system wherever you need it.

The HP RP7 includes a 38.1cm (15‚ ) or 43.2cm (17‚ ) touch-enabled display that is sealed to provide resistance against environmental contaminants, such as water and dust. Retailers can add an optional magnetic-stripe reader, webcam or fingerprint reader, and either a two-line or 25.4 cm (10‚ ) diagonal customer display to enhance promotional activities.

The new 38.1cm (15‚ ) and 43.2cm (17‚ ) HP L6015tm and L6017tm Retail Touch Monitors feature touchscreen which offer flexible navigation and interactivity using multi-touch projected capacitive touch technology and offers maximum usability and durability, as well as a sleek modernised appearance. The 25.4cm (10‚ ) non-touch HP L6010 Retail Monitor is designed to wow and is perfect for advertising and promotional opportunities. Ideal for use as an associate-facing display where space is at a premium, the monitor can also easily be integrated with a retail system as a customer-facing display.

Performance and power for professionals

HP Z220 Workstations deliver new technologies to improve overall system performance and energy efficiency. They continue to set the standard for affordable entry-level workstations and bring unbelievable value to demanding professionals in video editing, mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD), architecture engineering construction (AEC), education, healthcare and government, and any scenario where a standard PC is reaching its limits. The HP Z220 is available in either an exceptionally expandable, convertible mini-tower (CMT) or as a highly compact small form factor (SFF) for space-constrained environments.

HP’s most powerful mobile workstation, the HP EliteBook 8770w, offers the highest-performing professional graphics and extreme processing power and is highly configurable with a 43.9cm (17.3‚ ) display. The versatile and portable HP EliteBook 8570w includes high-end professional graphics, robust processing power and a 39.6cm (15.6‚ ) display. HP’s most travel-friendly mobile workstation, the HP EliteBook 8470w, features workstation-caliber graphics and powerful processing along with a business rugged design that’s optimized around a 35.6cm (14‚ ) HD display. The HP EliteBook Mobile Workstations are ideal for financial traders, engineers, designers and architects, as well as creative professionals doing video editing, post production, 3D animation and audio production who need a powerful, mobile solution.


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