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Hisense takes 2 in TV



According to the GfK Report, Hisense has claimed the number two spot in South Africa for its fridges and televisions.

Hisense, the global manufacturer of premium consumer electronics and home appliances,

has claimed the number two spot in South Africa for fridges and televisions. The latest findings from the GfK Retail Report illustrate how Hisense, now manufacturing appliances in South Africa, is becoming a household name here.

The latest GfK Report confirms that, since January 2014, Hisense television sales have grown steadily and it has consistently held on to the number two position. The growth in refrigeration has been stellar and has taken market share from competitor brands.

More households in South Africa are introducing Hisense to their homes or offices, and experiencing the best quality and a wide offering at an affordable price,” says Jerry Liu, general manager of Hisense South Africa. “As we manufacture our fridges and televisions at our factory in Atlantis in the Western Cape, we are able to keep production fees down, our turnaround time is quicker and the consumer benefits.

Hisense is committed to innovation, he says.

We recently launched our Vision TV, an Android Smart TV which is set to be the benchmark in the market. Currently, the Hisense 50″ screen offering is extremely successful and we attribute our current position in South Africa to our large screen range – and the fact that Hisense is the only brand to offer a four year warranty on televisions and fridges.

According to the GfK report, these are the top three brands in South Africa in these consumer categories:


1. Samsung

2. Hisense

3. LG


1. KIC,

2. Hisense

3. Defy

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