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Hi-tech treasure hunt comes to Whale Coast

GeoCaching, a hi-tech treasure hunt played by adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices, is coming to the Cape Whale Coast in September. The idea is to use GPS coordinates to locate hidden treasure, called GeoCaches, and win prizes. All members of the family can participate in a trail that runs from Hermanus to Stanford to Gansbaai and back.

Enjoy an old-fashioned Treasure Hunt with a hi-tech GPS twist in the Hermanus region on Saturday, 12 September.

GeoCaching, a Hi-Tech Treasure Hunt played by adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices, is coming to the Cape Whale Coast near Hermanus. And, to make it easier for beginners, the organisers will give participants both the GPS co-ordinates and a Treasure GeoMap.

Treasure hunters will travel from Hermanus to Stanford to Gansbaai and back and discover the treasure en-route, with the bonus of experiencing what the area has to offer in natural attractions as they try to locate the GeoCaches.

‚Imagine Treasure Hunt meets Amazing Race with a hi-tech twist,‚ says Joan-Anne Harris, co-ordinator of the GeoCaching Project. ‚We have identified 20 GeoCaches (GPS Co-ordinates/Treasures) from Hermanus to Gansbaai, where you can find a GeoCache.

‚When you locate the GPS co-ordinates, you will do the activity required to get the final clue for the GeoCache container. Once you have located the GeoCache container, you will remove it, sign the Logbook and take a GeoCoin and return the container to its storage place. Once you have visited all the GeoCaches, you can redeem your GeoCoins for smaller prizes and the opportunity to win three big prizes.‚

It is styled as a day for the family, filled with paintballing, quad-biding, clambering up rocks or down into gullies, and digging in the sand to discover the planted and natural “treasures”” in the Cape Whale Coast. The day ends with a wine-tasting and sampling of local cuisine.

GeoCaching rules:

Families of 2 -5 people with vehicles with GPS systems (although GeoMaps can be used if you do not have a GPS system):

Entry Fee is R250 per vehicle:

Includes 1 Active Participant at each GeoCache ‚ thus, participants take turns to enjoy the GeoCaches:

Those who require an additional Active Participant can pay R100 for each one, so if two people want to participate at EVERY GeoCache it will cost R350 per vehicle:

Pre-entry is required.

Aside from three main prizes, all entrants will receive prizes. These include:

100 x R50 Gift Vouchers from Sheba Clothing & Cafe : Value R5 000

2 Nights for 2 People at the Arniston Hotel : Value R4 000

2 x Shark Diving Tickets : Value R2 500

3 x Whale Watching Tickets: Value R1 650

2 Midweek Nights in the Camelia Cottage : Value R1 500

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