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Hed Kandi dances into Musica

Hed Kandi has launched its new Hed Kandi branded music accessories into all Musica stores country wide.

Famous dance music brand Hed Kandi has launched a range of iPhone, iPod audio accessories as well as a line of headphones, skins and cases. This iconic brand is now available at Musica stores country wide, choose from a wide range of headphones and accessories to glam up your tech lifestyle.

Hed Kandi is all about first class entertainment in every way, producing dance music through its lifestyle brand. Every party-goer is set to be in for the most incredible club-like experience with the launch of its new range even from the comfort of their home.

Hed Kandi runs and maintains a record label, radio show, a successful chain of bars and a fashion brand. The concept of stylish, glamorous living and partying was born in 1989 and has grown to become the global sensation it is today. They have a catalogue spanning over 100 albums showcasing Hed Kandi’s feel-good signature sounds with half a million copies sold yearly. They also boast bragging rights of 40 club hits and over a thousand international events every year.


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