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HD issue for iPad ads

The high-definition Retina display used on the new iPad may not display old adverts correctly. But, InMobi has optimised its technology to automatically upgrade existing content to take full advantage of the iPad’s display.

Tomorrow sees the nationwide launch of the latest addition to the iPad family, already launched in major markets. While the new iPad’s display was welcomed by consumers, it has presented problems for some mobile advertisers not ready or able to supply content in sufficiently high resolution. The new iPad’s improved screen quality can cause old content – not built for the latest incarnation of the device – to look grainy and pixelated, requiring work by developers to optimise content for the new display.

However, InMobi, the world’s largest independent mobile ad network, has optimised its technology for the new iPad, enabling brands to reach consumers with engaging content in high definition. InMobi’s technology automatically upgrades existing content to perform perfectly on the new iPad, taking full advantage of the new Retina display.

Says Daryn Smith, Marketing Manager for Africa at InMobi, ‚The iPad’s screen resolution has quadrupled since the last generation, so we are using the latest HTML5 features to ensure a high quality, rich-media advertising experience. InMobi’s technology automatically optimises all content to display perfectly on the new iPad. Simply scaling up existing creative will not work on Retina screens, because those advertisements will look blurry and unprofessional at a 2048 x 1536-pixel resolution, compared to the 1032 x 768- pixel resolution of the iPad 2.‚

‚Clearly the additional detail involves larger file sizes but our high-speed, low latency ad serving platform can easily accommodate the demands associated with Retina quality images. In fact as SVG (scalable vector graphics) and Canvas support develops within tablet browsers, we will be able to deliver adverts with never before seen clarity. The new iPad’s Retina display provides a great opportunity for InMobi’s customers to truly engage iPad users with breath-taking visuals, enhancing the impact of both in-app and online content,‚ concludes Smith.


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