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Green HQ saves MTN 37%

MTN has begun reaping the benefits of its recent greening initiative to reduce electricity consumption at it head office.
MTN has begun reaping the benefits of its greening initiative when it reduced electricity consumption at its head office by a 37% in the last six months.

This substantial reduction in electricity consumption at MTN Head Office in Fairlands, Roodeport, is attributable to a number of factors, including MTN’s generation of its own electricity from its methane powered Tri-Generation plant, the 2-MW plant which powers the company’s head office, data centre and a test switch centre.

The greening initiative at 14th Avenue also contributed to the significant reduction in electricity usage. These interventions include:

·      the installation of 83 energy meters throughout the MTN Head Office;
·       the installation of motion detectors that enable the lights to be on only when motion is detected;
·      painting the roofs with solar reflective paint to improved insulation;
·      installing UV film on exterior-facing windows and glass doors to decrease air-conditioning usage;
·      turning off air-conditioning after-hours.

MTN has further realised water savings through the installation of irrigation sensors on its gardens.

Says Edwin Mashilo, MTN SA General Manager: Procurement: “We are pleased with the tangible progress we are seeing since we embarked on our ‘green’ journey. MTN is well underway towards certifying its head office as an accredited Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) facility, and officially declaring Y’ello the new green. For MTN, sustainability is not about ticking boxes and being compliant, it is a way of life.”

The much-revered LEED accreditation is an extremely tough certificate to attain and reflects that the holder has complied with stringent environmentally-friendly measures in its operations. When MTN completes the project guided by the LEED recommendations, this initiative may serve as the blueprint for similar projects in South Africa.

Mashilo explains that these milestones do not signal an end to MTN’s greening efforts. Mashilo further elucidate that in the second half of this year, MTN will extend its greening initiatives beyond its head office in Fairlands.

“This will include implementing regional metering for both water and electricity at each of MTN’s facilities across the country, installing LED lights as a proof of concept in our Constantia Park offices and installing solar or other alternative lighting in the Innovation Centre car park, intensify the campaign to improve the level of environmental awareness among our employees and participation in a green peer review.

MTN has invested substantially on this project.

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