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GoTrust ID – Forget fumbling with FIDO keys

GoTrust ID claims it has made the first solution to use an Android or iPhone as an alternative to a USB key for FIDO (Fast ID Online) 2-step login to Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Microsoft, Salesforce, Twitter, and AWS services.

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Less is more. GoTrust is aiming to eliminate the need for a separate USB device for two-factor authenticating. It does this through a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection between one’s device and computer, especially useful for computers without traditional USB ports.

The FIDO (Fast ID Online) ecosystem is waiting for the market to further mature before it supports BLE authenticators; but all FIDO enabled services support the USB FIDO Security Key today. Wanting to provide an immediate FIDO login experience for smart phone users, GoTrust has enhanced its PC computer login app ‘GoTrust ID’, which already works with BLE communications, to use your phone to simulate the USB FIDO Key, thereby replacing the USB Key with a smart device. 

GoTrust claims that a phone is even more secure than the conventional USB key as one can now include another authentication factor using a phone, like a fingerprint or facial biometric verification.

The phone app can be downloaded from Apple App Store or Google Play, the Windows App can be downloaded from the Microsoft store, and the MacOS App can be downloaded from the Mac App Store. Acer users are ahead of the game as the GoTrust ID App is already preloaded on all Acer computers.

Darren Lee, CEO of GoTrust says: “I am very excited by this trend to preload the GoTrust ID APP and I anticipate more companies offering this feature before the end of this year. What can be easier than making you and your phone the critical credentials for FIDO security login? You and your phone are always together.”

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