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Good things come in 3s

If Motorola haven’t done enough to prove they are serious about market share, the all new V300, V500 and V600 are bound to set a few standards. ADAM MEGENS unwraps the three little moto packages in search of dynamite.

As with most phones, you will need to charge them fully before their first use (and remember to let the battery run down completely and recharge fully again for the first few charges to achieve optimum battery life). Insert your SIM and you should be ready to get cracking. Don’t forget to have your service provider enable your GPRS and MMS so you can experience the full capabilities of your phone.

As mentioned earlier, I think Motorola have a bad reputation for not being user-friendly. This is not the case with the triplets. The menus are simple and well laid-out and you have the added bonus of programmable soft-keys so you can short-cut to your most frequently used menu options. The predictive text when SMSing surpasses all others on offer by other manufacturers. Normal call functions are simple and even the more demanding tasks do not require a hectic search through the instruction manual.

All three models deliver splendidly. All the features on the phones deliver at peak performance. It is always rather disappointing when you come across phones that boast features like a digital camera but upon review you find that picture quality is substandard. With the triplets this is certainly not the case: picture and sound quality are excellent, the GPRS is an absolute pleasure and everything just seems to work as you would expect.

On the whole, you’re still looking at three cellular telephones with which you can make and receive calls: no big surprise. The innovation comes into play with all the little extras like the picture caller ID and all the finishing touches that really make you enjoy using these phones. You can’t help feeling that your phone is at the forefront of technology when you have a triplet in your hand.

The recommended retail prices are as follows: V300 ‚ R2499.00 V500 – R2999.00 V600 ‚ R3499.00 These are not the cheapest phones on the market but these are also not the cheapest phones on the market, if you know what I mean. These are great quality phones and I would recommend them without hesitation to anyone. Their popularity is sky-rocketing though, so I’m sure you’ll find some great deals from your service providers.

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