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Games on for QlikView App

In celebration of the upcoming Olympic Games, QlikTech has developed a Global Games app that lets users view information from past competitions over the last century and extract facts and statistics on the different events.

Using a plethora of historical data on past events, QlikTech’s Global Games App provides a great springboard for examining each country’s past successes, uncovering new facts and aiding predictions for medal winners this year.

For example, we’ve found that:

· The tallest competitor of all time is Tommy Burleson, a Basketball player from the USA who measured in at 7ft 3in

¬∑ The heaviest competitors on average aren’t those competing in the fields of Judo or Wrestling but Basketball and Baseball, weighing in at 194.7lb and 191.9lb respectively

· South African athletes have won a total of 70 medals of which 80% was won by males while 20 % won by females

Davide Hanan, MD of QlikView SA comments, ‚Business Discovery is all about deriving insights and enabling people to make more informed decisions based on data. QlikView’s Global Games App provides a fun way for users to find meaning in the mass of information available on past competitions. With an increased focus on simplifying data for businesses and advancements in the way many of us interact and play around with information day-to-day, our ability to identify relationships and patterns, connect the dots and predict consequences is improving all the time. The Global Games App is a great way to get into the spirit of the competition and uncover interesting facts along the way.’


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