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Fujitsu welcomes 10 000 to Personal Cloud

Earlier this week, Fujitsu welcomes more than 10 000 visitors to its annual Fujitsu Forum event in Munich, Germany, where it introduced the Fujitsu Personal Cloud.

Fujitsu also unveils a striking new design for PCs, thin clients and displays, and announces the planned availability of a cloud-based tool that will enable companies to comply with European Union-mandated energy audits.

FlexFrame Orchestrator manages unified SAP environments

FlexFrame Orchestrator is a new datacenter management platform introducing support for SAP HANA installations to its comprehensive datacenter operations across entire SAP application landscapes, including resources and services management, high availability and disaster recovery capabilities. FlexFrame Orchestrator customers can reduce cost and complexity for HANA installations through their integration into FlexFrame Orchestrator-managed adaptive SAP IT infrastructures, increasing system flexibility and speed, and providing greater system resilience.

For the first time, Fujitsu is also lifting the restrictions on FlexFrame hardware and software requirements, extending the availability of FlexFrame technology via a certification program enabling FlexFrame to run on certified third-party datacenter technology.

Fujitsu Personal Cloud seeks seamless access to business apps and data

The Fujitsu Personal Cloud concept, which represents the promise of substantial savings in comparison to managed workplaces of today, will begin an internal pilot within Fujitsu. Based on the Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform, the internal pilot will give each user access to workplace and business applications within their own Fujitsu Personal Cloud.

Accessible from almost any network-enabled device, the Fujitsu Personal Cloud is intended to bridge the gap between legacy enterprise worlds and the growing trend of being able to access business information anywhere, anytime while also enabling savings through reduced costs for device management and security, and lowering overheads for administration and maintenance. Depending on results of the project, Fujitsu will consider whether to introduce field tests for customers.

All-in-one Fujitsu X Line introduces a new design ethos across desktop family

The all-in-one Fujitsu X Line introduces a uniform, stylish appearance for a new family of PC, thin client and display models. Packed with innovative, future-embracing technologies that help put desktop computing at the forefront, the X Line is designed to help companies reshape the workplace. The X Line places an emphasis on ‚”must have‚” office computing requirements of tomorrow, such as interactive touch-screens, support for intuitive collaboration and a seamless user experience across multiple platforms and devices.

Fujitsu Eco Track enables fast and efficient EU energy audits

The Fujitsu Eco Track is a new cloud-based solution to help European companies comply with forthcoming energy audit requirements. Available early next year via the Fujitsu Cloud Store, Fujitsu Eco Track is designed to allow European businesses to easily and cost-effectively manage their energy audits, which will soon become mandatory as a result of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive.


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