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Fuel cell – and hype – powers Fluid’s new Windows 7 tablet

Fluid Computer Systems has announced the first fuel cell powered Windows 7 Tablet PC. Although the prototype is not on display as such at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week, it is being tested at the show as Fluid executives walk the floors showing it off. This unusual approach may have more to do with climbing on the tablet bandwagon than an innovative approach to marketing.

Fluid Computer Systems has unveiled the first fuel cell powered Windows 7 Tablet PC. The CEO, Aaron Henry, and COO, Todd Miller, are attending the Consumer Electronics show this week with the “Fuel Cell Powered”” tablet prototype in tow.

People will be able to follow updates to their progress at the company’s website,, or follow them on Twitter ( They will be filming a micro documentary at CES 2011 highlighting their transition from self-funded startup to early-stage business. The video will be available on the company website.

CEO Aaron Henry remarked, “”Thanks to our partnership with NuMeridian out of San Diego and parts they supplied from Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies we were able to assemble a working prototype of the first fuel cell powered tablet. Unfortunately we did not have enough time to secure a booth at CES 2011, so we will be testing the prototype as we walk the show. We will be filming a micro documentary of our CES 2011 experience while showcasing the prototype.””

Will showgoers accept this excuse for not being on display? More likely, they will see it as poor planning and an effort to leap onto the tablet bandwagon due to the excitement the format is generating at CES.

Fluid claim they sold out of their first limited production of the Fluid Stream model tablets in December of 2010, “”just in time for Christmas””. However, they say the new models will be faster and have better battery life at the same $599 cost. Rumor put out by the company itself has it that the new models will include 4G capability.

When asked if the 4G rumor was true, Mr. Henry replied, “”All I can say is negotiations with Telispire PCS to offer Sprint 4G/3G data plans on our PC Tablets are going very well. We also expect to offer Verizon data plans soon. The true goal of Fluid Computer Systems is to pack all the features a college student needs into our Windows 7 PC tablets without increasing the cost. Students have enough to deal with since college and university rates are increasing throughout the country.””

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