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Frozen laptops freeze workers

Workers in London were earlier this week stopped in their tracks by frozen laptops with a difference.

Amazing laptop ice sculptures had been placed around the streets by Inbay, a new nationwide online and on-phone support service.

Said Inbay’s Kristian Wright: ‚The team at Inbay make unfreezing laptops and optimising personal technology a work of art. We want to provide an independent alternative to soulless corporations and untrained local computer fixers.‚

A monthly support plan from Inbay, starting at only ¬£9.99 a month, buys constant phone and online access to people who a keep everyone’s computers and gadgets running like new. The first walk-in shop has also been launched in London’s Kingsway.

Inbay staff will even guide you through setting up a new computer or smartphone, wherever you bought it, or tricky stuff like hooking up a new iPhone to iTunes without losing all your old playlists.

Said Kristian: ‚Nothing is more irritating than a computer or phone that doesn’t work properly ‚ unless it’s a computer help service that doesn’t work properly!‚

Inbay also offer a range of plans for business users.

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