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Free data for @tlantic subscribers



Consumer ISP @tlantic has recently announced a new ADSL offering called Gig4Gig. The new package gives @tlantic customers one free gigabyte of data every month, a 12 month subscription to Kaspersky Internet Security and 100MB of hotspot data.
Consumer ISP @tlantic, a subsidiary of the Vox Telecom Group, has released its latest ADSL offering, Gig4Gig; providing customers with one free gig of data each month.

“At the beginning of each month subscribers will be given a gig of free data, after which they will be able to select their maximum usage quota on a per gig basis,” says Dederick Venter, @lantic Marketing Director.

“We offer highly competitive per GB pricing which we combine with our four levels of data quality; Local, Home, Gold and Platinum.

Data Bundles                    Pricing per additional Gig
Local                                   R15 per GB
Home                                  R15 per GB
Gold                                     R45 per GB
Platinum                             R79 per GB
Local: Caters for home users who want to check their email and do some local browsing. This service also works well with VoIP and VPN solutions.
Home: Home usage is very similar to the local offering, with the added benefit of international browsing. The service is shaped on peer to peer and international browsing during office hours, but is ideal for home use after hours. This is not a business service.

Gold: This package is geared towards international bandwidth and limits the number of users on the connection, allowing for a better browsing experience. This is more than adequate for home users and most businesses, providing the user with a quality service any time of day.

Platinum: This offering gives users access to unshaped high speed bandwidth. This is ideal for companies in mission critical businesses where slight delays are not an option and quality bandwidth is not negotiable.

“The ADSL consumer market is all about pricing, but what a lot of people don’t realise is that there are various levels of data quality, so the cheapest offering is not necessarily the best,” says Venter.

Included in the Gig4Gig ADSL offering is a free 12 month subscription to Kaspersky Internet Security, Fax to Email, 25 SMSonline credits and 100MB Hotspot data.
The new ADSL range is complemented by @lantic’s existing Voice Friendly Consumer and Business Uncapped ranges which provides users with a variety of options that caters for all.