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It has been proven that babies in their mother’s womb react to sounds at 17 weeks. Doctors refer to this as the ‚Mozart Effect’ and studies have shown that sound stimuli contribute positively to foetal development. It is with this in mind that Nuvo developed the Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Sound system ‚ allowing parents to play music from an iPod or the like to their baby. The only downside to this, is that the baby now has to endure months and months of the parents’ bad taste in music.

The Nuvo group in America recently announced the release of the Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Sound System, which delivers quality and safe sound to prenatal listeners. Ritmo was created to provide an easy and safe way for families to share the sensory and emotional experience of bonding through sound and music with their developing baby. Ritmo can connect to most audio devices with a universal stereo plug – such as iPods, MP3 players, iPhones and Blackberries. Here’s how it works‚Ķ The expectant mother wears a fashionable, lightweight belt around her pregnant belly. The belt has four speakers and a controller, the size of a deck of cards, which fits comfortably into a tiny pocket. Your own audio player plugs into the controller, which utilises Nuvo’s Safe & Sound Technology to regulate the output of sound to a safe level for a baby to hear in-utero, regardless of how loud the sound was recorded or the volume that it is played. Research shows that reactive listening begins at 17 weeks gestation. Often referred to as the Mozart Effect, numerous studies show that music contributes positively to human foetus development, bonding and stress reduction. But with Ritmo, the type of sound that can be delivered in-utero has expanded beyond music. Using Ritmo, a baby in the womb can hear a recording of:

· dad reading his favourite book

· siblings talking or singing

· grandparents singing a lullaby

· the family dog barking and, yes…even someone talking to him/her on a phone from miles away.

When the family isn’t taking turns using Ritmo to bond with baby, the mom-to-be will love how easily Ritmo fits into her lifestyle. Whether practicing yoga, walking the dog, working or simply relaxing, Ritmo’s soft fabric belt is lightweight, elasticised, supportive, washable and irritation-free. “My Ritmo is so comfortable I wear it when I’m cleaning house, watching TV, or even reading a book,”” says Tara Meussling. “”I am a big fan of the Temptations so I play them on my Ritmo so my baby can enjoy the music too. When he starts moving, I know it’s working!”” Post-pregnancy, Ritmo will continue to adapt to children’s’ changing environments and needs, with applications for the crib, stroller and toys all coming soon.

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