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FNB’s customers embrace their safety net

With around 1 500 customer downloads a day, FNB’s recently launched online banking security software, PrevX SafeOnline, is proving invaluable to the bank as well as it online customers.

PrevX SafeOnline currently alerts more than 4 000 FNB customers on a weekly basis when they are misdirected to known phishing or malicious websites. Some 1 500 customers per day are downloading FNB’s new online security software, showing a strong customer endorsement for this new security solution.

‚Even if customers already had other online security software packages installed, PrevX SafeOnline still detected malware on a number of these customers’ PCs,‚ says Lee-Anne van Zyl, CEO of FNB Online Banking.

In addition to the malware detected a number of variants such as Zeus have also been detected, which specifically capture online banking information including usernames and passwords.

Detections reported by PrevX during the past 30 days include, among others, 11 172 malicious software infections.

Since the launch of the software last month, approximately 71 000 of FNB online banking customers have successfully downloaded PrevX SafeOnline.

‚The software has been well received by our customers,‚ says van Zyl. ‚The feature most appreciated by customers is the ability of the software to constantly monitor all online activity.‚

‚Prevx actively includes all newly detected phishing websites on its database to ensure comprehensive and immediate protection. At the same time a security team at FNB Online also searches for suspect sites and passes this information to the PrevX team to ensure inclusive protection for FNB clients using the software. ‚PrevX SafeOnline is certainly a move in the right direction for FNB in our ongoing fight against online fraud,‚ says Van Zyl.

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