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FNB opens Xbox One orders



FNB customers can pre-order the Xbox One, which they can pay for over 24 months.

Qualifying FNB customers can now pre-order and secure the much anticipated Xbox One through FNB’s smart device offer.

The deal gives customers the choice between either the Xbox One console as a standalone deal or the Xbox One Kinect. Each deal includes one or more full length games, including FIFA 15 in the R399 per month offer.

The inclusion of the games allow users to plug-and-play as soon as they receive the device, saving them the time and money of having to download the full game.

Expanding our smart device range to include gaming consoles has proved to be popular, contributing to 5% of total devices sold over the last 12 months,” says Kartik Mistry, Head of FNB Smart Devices.

While our main motivation with the smart device offer is to provide the means for customers to bank digitally, we cannot deny the increasing move towards a connected lifestyle and home.

The Xbox One deals available to pre-order through FNB online or the FNB Smart Device contact centre are:


Price per month x 24 months

Delivery Date

Xbox One Kinect + Wireless Controller + FIFA 15 + Kinect Rivals +Forza 5 Goty+ Dance Central Spotlight DLC* *(Internet Required for Download)


From 26 September 2014

Xbox One + Wireless Controller + Forza 5 Goty


From 23 September 2014

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