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First National Bank today launched its new Business Account, which offers business clients access to some of the products and rewards that it has introduced to the personal banking market in the last two years.

FNB Business Banking CEO, Jacques Celliers explains: ‚”FNB has been at the forefront of innovation in the personal banking space and we are excited to introduce a business banking account which offers business clients the same benefits as a personal account and more.‚”

‚”FNB Business Banking is committed to supporting entrepreneurs, whether they are starting a new business or running and growing their established business. At FNB Business Banking we believe we have the solutions to support small businesses and to reduce their costs. In line with government’s appeal for businesses to assist in creating jobs, we believe that our solutions can assist in this regard,‚” adds Celliers.

‚”We still find that many entrepreneurs use their personal bank accounts to conduct business. It is important that prospective clients realise the advantages of a business account and the support and value added products and services that come with opening a business banking account. We will be maintaining all the innovative products and services that FNB Business Banking clients have been experiencing to date and combine them with some of the exciting offers from the Personal Banking space to create the best ‚”value for money‚” business bank account in the market,‚” Celliers said.

Fuel Rewards is a programme which has been very successful in the personal banking market: Business Banking clients can now also benefit from Fuel Rewards through the eBucks for Business Rewards Programme. This is set to hold huge benefits for small businesses who have a fleet of vehicles or entrepreneurs who travel long distances to conduct business. Many special offers will also be available exclusive to business account holders through the eBucks Programme.

Another offer to be rolled out in the coming months is the tablet and smart phone offer that has been extremely popular amongst personal banking clients, making a variety of the top selling tablets, smart phones and laptops available to business clients at excellent rates, payable over a 24 month period.

‚”We believe that we have the best combination of products and value added services available to business owners, all aimed at decreasing the cost of doing business, while saving the client valuable time. A good example is a product like Instant Accounting, which generates financial statements directly from the client’s business account, no imports necessary. It is the only product of its kind in the market and free to all business account holders. A similar product will be introduced in the near future, which will assist the small business owner with payroll administration and compliance,‚” adds Celliers.

‚”The new business account has seen FNB Business Banking going above the line for the first time ever with radio and outdoor advertising. The campaign is structured to communicate a central message to our target audience i.e. ‚”Do more, get more, with FNB Business Banking‚”,‚” says Head of Marketing for FNB Business Banking Barrett Whiteford.

‚”We are quite excited about the radio advertising which is set to follow in the footsteps of Steve from Beep Bank who has become somewhat of a celebrity. We decided to stick to concepts and scenarios that our target audience will be able to relate to, while executing these scenarios in humoristic ways,‚” adds Whiteford.


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