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FlexPod comes to SA

South African customers can now take advantage of a unified data centre infrastructure with the new FlexPod offering from Cisco, NetApp and VMware, available through Westcon partners Bytes Systems Integration and EOH.
Offeringna unified approach to your data centre, the FlexPod negates the need for yourndata centre to support three separate technology stacks while allowingncustomers to take advantage of technology from three global players.

“Innorder to safely and cost effectively move to the cloud, customers needntechnology that is able to simplify their data centres as well as theirndeployments and operations, in order to get their applications rolled outnfaster,” says Andre Swanepoel, national business development manager at WestconnSA.

“WithnFlexpod from Cisco, NetApp and VMware they are able to take advantage of ansystem that is able to deliver unified, simplified solutions at the storage,ncompute, network and virtualisation layer of their business and that are thatnmuch more efficient,” adds Swanepoel.

Builtnon a flexible shared infrastructure, FlexPod offers customers access to anpredesigned base configuration for their data centre that scales easily, can benoptimised for a myriad of mixed application workloads and can be constructednfor virtual desktop or server infrastructure, secure multi-tenancy, or cloudnenvironments.

FlexPodnis able to accelerate deployments by 50% as well as reduce organisational risknthrough the use of standardised configurations. In addition it will enablencustomers to cut capex and opex almost by half through virtualisation, whilenensuring that an investment is protected by a flexible platform that can scalenfrom simple virtualisation to the cloud.

Accordingnto Swanepoel, notable benefits offered by FlexPod include a performance-matchednstack, highly scalable architecture, flexible IT for any cloud environment,datancentre efficiency, investment protection, centralised management, an opennmanagement framework as well as co-operative support for legacy systems.

Henadds that no matter the environment and the applications within the technologynstack, Flexpod has been designed to cater for all, and is able to scale up forngreater performance and capacity. In addition it is able to scale out for usernenvironments that require consistent multiple deployments, and customers cannsize and optimise it dependant on a user’s exact requirements, irrespective ofnthe software or application requirement being placed on the solution.

“Thenpriorities of business today are to boost efficiency, improve IT flexibility,nmeet SLAs and reduce costs which is why the cloud is so attractive and why wenhave seen the discussion around computing move from a ‘whether’ to virtualisento a ‘when’ discussion. We believe that the FlexPod will provide customers thentechnology solution they have been looking for to unify, simplify and transformntheir data centre to one that is able to deliver IT as a service in the cloudnand beyond,” ends Swanepoel.

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