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Faster, better and Linux-flavoured

Opera Software has recently announced the availability of Opera 10.53 beta for Linux. Among other things, this new version features better integration with KDE and Gnome desktops as well as a revised end user licence agreement.

The Opera 10.53 beta for Linux and FreeBSD is now available for download. In this beta release, Opera has designed a faster, more feature-rich browser that is tailored for the Linux-platform.

Opera is adept at running on different Linux and FreeBSD systems, bringing its renowned speed and easy navigation to all users.

Get Opera for Linux and FreeBSD at

Better integration with KDE and Gnome desktops and full support for skinning gives Opera 10.53 for Linux a seamless integration on a wide variety of different Linux distributions.

New End User License agreement for Opera 10.53 beta for Linux: Opera 10.53 beta is now available for inclusion in software distribution repositories for wide distribution on Linux and FreeBSD operating systems. Additionally, all browsers (Desktop, Mini and Mobile) can be installed in organisations. For example a systems administrator at a school can install Opera on all the school’s PCs.

‚Linux has always been a priority at Opera, as many people within our own walls are devoted users,‚ said Jon von Tetzchner, co-founder, Opera Software. ‚It was important for us in this release to make alterations to our terms of usage, in order to make Opera even easier to distribute on Linux.‚

Reasons to try out Opera:

* Browse with unprecedented speed

Our new Carakan JavaScript engine and Vega graphics library make Opera 10.5x more than 8 times faster than Opera 10.10 on tests like Sunspider.

* Leave no trace

Private browsing offers windows and tabs that eliminate their browsing history when closed, ensuring your privacy.

* Control your view easily

Zooming in and out of Web pages is easier with a new zoom slider and view controls accessible from the status bar.

* Redefine widgets

Widgets are now installed as normal applications on your computer and can work separately from the browser.

* More elegant look and feel

The user interface for Linux has been reworked, and the new “O”” menu allows access to all features previously available in the menu bar. The menu bar can be easily reinstated.

* No more Qt dependence

Opera’s user interface now integrates with either GNOME/GTK or KDE libraries, depending on the users’ installation.

* Turbo-charged browsing

When surfing on slow, congested networks, for example at an airport or on a train, Opera Turbo comes to the rescue, ensuring the fastest page loading no matter the crowd. Tests show that Opera Turbo provides about 65% faster browsing on Edge and around 50% faster browsing speed on 3G networks.

Download Opera for Linux at

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