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Fast-track driver’s licence with virtual tool

virtual tool

Getting a driver’s licence is stressful and time consuming. But, the website simplifies the process by putting learners in contact with accredited driving instructors in their area.

In proposed amendments to the National Road Traffic Act, getting your drivers licence, which is already a stressful and time consuming process, will take up to 12 months longer. New technology developed by now simplifies the process, enabling you to pass your licence before the laws change.

The new system is designed to provide learner drivers with the training, resources to become a legal driver.

With over 100 verified instructors, extensively covering the Western Cape, Gauteng and more recently Limpopo, claims to be the biggest virtual driving school in South Africa. ‚I am amazed by the 1000s of learner drivers using the service,‚ says Rafiq Phillips, founder of ‚Every week learner drivers are sending hundreds of SMS and email messages directly to the driving schools. Knowing that we only connect them with qualified driving instructors ensures that the education and training they receive will increase the chances of them passing the first time, alleviating the backlog at testing stations. According to Phillips it doesn’t end there though. ‚The system has been designed to scale and cater for any driving instructor anywhere in South Africa. I believe that road safety will be positively impacted by the new system.‚

According to World Wide Worx’s Internet Access in SA 2012 study, ‚6,02-million people have access to the Internet.‚ This is the audience has been designed for.

Ben Grobler, owner of My Driving School and one of the first members of agrees. ‚In my experience, over the past few years clients have become more e-inclined. We get a lot of clients from the internet and it escalates every year. has a good visibility on Google which is to my driving school’s advantage. I receive contacts from on a daily basis.‚


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