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EzPull corkscrew

A corkscrew is a corkscrew, or is it? Well, many of you may think so, but a good corkscrew can make all the difference to that 1978 Cabernet Sauvignon you open with a special meal. SEAN BACHER reviews the new EzPull Corkscrew.

Finally we’ve got our hands on a gadget that doesn’t require any batteries, charging or preliminary setup routines to get started. Just remove the EzPull from the box and get to work.

We thought it was dead easy. If you are at all logical and have a simple working idea of mechanics you will have no problem operating the EzPull. If not, there are the instructions to help you along the way. We did find there was one trick that needed to be perfected in order to get your corks out perfectly, and that was that you have to get the worm to bore directly into the centre of the cork. However, as with most things, this will come with practice.

We opened bottle after bottle like true professionals, each cork was intact once removed and the bottleneck didn’t crack or chip whilst we were removing the corks, so yes we must say it operates as advertised.

The EzPull doesn’t sport any groundbreaking technology. However, its novel, clever design makes it innovative enough in our books.

We think R350 is quite a reasonable price for the EzPull bottle opener: after all, you will never need to buy another one – ever again. What also gives it value for money is that, included in the box, you will find a foil cutter, an extra worm drive and a stand for displaying your prize opener to all your jealous friends.

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